Visit These CRUMBLING Cities Around The World Before They’re GONE

These fascinating ghost towns are definitely worth a visit, while you still can.
25 July 2019

Yes, metal and concrete jungles are taking over large areas of natural land mass (and the sea in certain parts of the world) in the name of modern urbanisation.

But did you know there are quite a few cities that lie in ruins today? Ancient cities that now lie underwater or buried under tonnes of sand and dirt are being excavated now. But some of the cities that have become ruins over the past century or so, and those that are on the verge of getting there, are still accessible to us modern folks.

These cities, that were once bustling, have declined over the years due to a number of reasons. People have moved out of them gradually, due to lack of employment options, reduction of natural resources, or unfortunate historic events. One of the biggest reasons — tourists spoiling the place with unethical and unhealthy practices. In every case, as mankind left these places, nature took over. Time and natural elements are eating away at these cities, crumbling the buildings slowly, and laying them to waste.

You can still visit them, but hurry, because they may not be there a few years from now. These cities offer fascinating historical information, especially for history buffs.

A note: Although there are many reasons for the decline and decay of places that once were thriving centres of business and life, one of the biggest threats today is tourism. If you’re planning on visiting a heritage site or a ghost town like the ones mentioned below, be a responsible tourist. Keep to the rules and norms of the place. The same applies to modern tourist attractions as well. Help keep them in good condition or the generations to come will probably be reading of them as ghost towns in their time.

By, July 2019

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