Here’s Why Ko Kut Is THE Thailand Beach That Will Make You Forget About Phuket

20 January 2017

East of Bangkok – almost at the Cambodian border – lies Ko Kut, a drop-dead gorgeous beach paradise. 

Its remoteness means it’s tranquil and unspoilt – one of the last of Thailand’s such islands – but it also means getting there involves an internal flight or train journey from Bangkok, from which a short boat ride will whisk you away to the dreamy island of Ko Kut.

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We don’t mean that in a bad way, though – the journey is a wonder in itself. Get off your flight to find idle elephants languidly grazing beyond the well-manicured lawns; on your boat ride across the Gulf of Thailand, keep your eyes peeled for dolphins, or simply relish the serenity clear ocean water.

But all of this is only the beginning of your experience of Ko Kut – here’s why we love this island.

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