Here’s A Map Of Wi-Fi Passwords In ALL The Airports In The World. Happy Surfing!

27 March 2017

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Even ex-President Obama pronounced the Internet as a necessity, not a luxury.

Ok, he was referring to the Internet as a learning portal, but hey, we’ve all been overseas without an open wireless connection, and it gets frustrating when we really need to get online.

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So someone created this interactive map with ALL the airport wi-fi passwords in the world. Heroes don’t always wear capes – sometimes, they’re genius tech warriors.

Click on the little plane symbols on the map which indicate airports, or use the search bar on the left to reveal all the wi-fi passwords or instructions.

For instance, there’s apparently no wi-fi in Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila, Philippines, but you’ll have some luck at the food court. Or, at the Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand, many lounges have wi-fi networks that are password-protected. Not so protected any more!

But, um, don’t you need to actually go online to find the wi-fi passwords? There’s also a downloadable offline version for easy reference in times of desperate need.

The information is constantly being updated with new airports, networks and tips. You can even contribute your own insider information by commenting directly on this page.

Start using it here. Happy surfing!


By Pinky Chng, March 2017

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