6 Reasons Why Fiji Should Be Your Family’s Next Holiday Destination

07 April 2016
<p>The calm beaches of Fiji</p>

The calm beaches of Fiji

By Aimee Chan, Finder blogger: writer and magazine editor, founder of suitcases&strollers.


Looking for a holiday destination?

With Fiji Airways launching direct flights from Singapore to Fiji just this week, you’ll be saving lots of time and hassle getting to this extremely underrated holiday destination. 

And there’s so much more to do in Fiji with kids than just lying on the beach. If you need a bit of family holiday activity in between sips from your coconut, here are some ideas from suitcases&strollers about how to entertain the little ones.


1. Play Some Extreme Water Sports

image: Adrenalin Fiji

Denaru is a favoured spot for families traveling with kids to Bali, so this is an ideal place to do a bit of big game fishing, parasailing, waterskiing or jet skiing, if that happens to take your fancy. Even if you are not staying as a guest at a Denaru resort, you can still book these activities to get your heart pumping through Adrenalin Fiji.


2. Talk to the Fijian Animals

Teach the kids a bit about conservation by introducing them to the indigenous flora and fauna at Kula Ecopark Fiji. The park is not only designed as a walk-through (rather than zoo-like) experience so the kids can get up close to the forest animals, it also runs several dedicated breeding programs designed to assist the local animal species. Kids aged 7 to 12 can also participate in their Ranger For A Day program where they get to feed animals and follow a zookeeper around for the day.


3. Go Island Hopping

image: South Sea Cruises

For those who chose to stay on Denaru, it is particularly rewarding to get out of your resort and head to the nearby Yasawa Islands or Mamancuna Islands for the day. Even if you are staying in these areas, you can organise to go on a day trip to visit a neighbouring island to get an insight into some of the other offerings as well as a change of scenery. You can book to visit popular resorts such as Treasure Island or Castaway Island or alternatively just spend the daily sailing and taking in the scenery via South Sea Cruises.


4. Teach the Kids to SCUBA Dive

From the age of 8 kids can learn to SCUBA dive by taking a PADI accredited course. Diveaway Fiji offers a Bubblemakers course (ages 8 to 10) where the children are introduced to SCUBA diving in a pool. For those over 10, there is a Junior Open Water Diver certificate where the team at Diveaway will take the kids out to try their new skills in the open ocean.


5. Meet the Local Villagers

image: Treasure Island

To get an insight into some of the life of the Fijian people, take a half day jet boat safari with Sigatoka River Safari. As well as a pleasant ride along the river, you’ll get to spend a couple of hours in a Fijian village meeting people, sampling their local fare, singing, dancing and, of course, taking lots of selfies.


6. Get Wet at an Inflatable Water Park

Who doesn’t love a giant jumping castle or slide? It’s definitely worthwhile taking the kids to burn some energy on the multiple play rides at Big Bula Inflatable Waterpark. Play on the pirates’ ship or compete in a game of bouncy basketball – it’s all great fun and will definitely keep the children well and truly occupied. 


About Aimee Chan

Aimee Chan is the founder of online family travel magazine suitcases&strollers. A mother of two herself, she values the quality family time as well as culturally stimulating experiences to be found in traveling as a family. As such, she provides practical tips and useful travel inspiration for fellow parents.


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