6 Easy Ways To SAVE MONEY While Travelling So You Can Focus On Having The Time Of Your Life

Get more fun out of your journey by spending money on only what matters.
21 February 2019

Try these money-saving hacks!

Vacations have a way of making your hard-earned money disappear. Every little thing, from breakfasts to cafe hopping to souvenir shopping , can add up, and before long, you’ll find yourself way off your budget and struggling to make it through the holiday.

Given the complexity of planning for a holiday, it should come as no surprise that there are several ways you and your travel buddies can shave a fair bit off your vacation budget. We’ve rounded up six of our best money-saving tips to help you have a great holiday without inadvertently creating a financial disaster along the way.

By Chip Chen, February 2019 / Images: Shutterstock

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