Here’s Why You MUST Visit Kyushu Island When You’re In Japan For Your Next Vacation

And here's what you should know before you go.
17 January 2019

Experience a unique Japanese island life!

In the southwest of Japan, this laid-back island boasts the most volcanic hot springs and the least stress around.

Living the Dream!
U.K. expat Alex Bradshaw moved to Japan 15 years ago to teach English. Now, he’s Public Relations Manager for Shimadzu, which operates a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Sengan-en Garden and Shoko Shuseikan Museum.

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  • Why Here?

Alex contends that life in southern Japan is more relaxed than in bigger cities. “I’m a fan of the Kirishima volcanic mountain range. It has great hiking trails, volcanic lakes, and hot springs to unwind in.”

  • On Brew-ddhism

“I like Minamisatsuma – especially a place called Tsunuki. My friend is a Buddhist monk and has a temple there, with a whisky distillery next door.”

  • Embracing Local Life

“I practise traditional culture – including Jigen-ryu, a school of swordsmanship – to connect to local history and culture.”


By Andrea McKenna Brankin, From The Finder Issue 296, / Photos:, Andrea McKenna Brankin + Alex Bradshaw

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