6 Services In Singapore To Make Long Haul Flights Less Dreadful

16 December 2016

Traveling is great fun, but the travel itself sucks. Cramped airplane seats, harsh weather conditions you’re not used to, jet lag… Meh

Here’s how to make it less arduous.

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Stay healthy

An infectious disease or virus are not the souvenirs you want to bring home from your latest adventure.

Try: Schedule an appointment at the International Medical Clinic (IMC) to find out if you need any pre-travel vaccinations for illnesses such as cholera, malaria, Hepatitis A or B and others.


Save your own skin

Don’t let long flights, different weather conditions and more take a toll on your skin. You want to look great in those holiday pictures! 

Try: Prepare your skin (or pamper it when you return) with Organics Beauty’s Customized Aroma Facial, which claims to improve blood circulation in your face and add radiance. Choose from four types: Regenerating, Calming, Deep Cleansing or Maternity.

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Stress relief

If stress has been taking a toll, relieve yourself of them before your travels.

Try: Royal Pine TCM & Wellness Clinic’s Stress Management service, which aims to ensure the smooth flow of Qi (energy) in the liver using traditional Chinese methods such as acupuncture.


Get active

Research has proven that pre-travel exercise helps lessen jet lag.

Try: Croyez Studio’s Power Plate programme can get your body ready. It’s said to boost blood circulation and reduce the stress hormone cortisol.

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Mind your spine 

Consider this: On the plane, you’ll likely be in a cramped seat with minimal space to walk around. At your destination, you’ll be sleeping in a different bed than you’re used to.

Try: Visit Osteopathic Treatment Centre to check out your spine’s health preand post-trip so that your neck and back don’t suffer needlessly.


Always use protection

If you’re heading somewhere super sunny, protect your skin with SPF.

Try: The Sloane Clinic’s SPF 50 Ultralite Sunscreen, a gentle formula that claims to have anti-ageing properties. Try its antioxidant-packed Skin Illumination Essence treatment once back.


By Atifa Othman, The Finder, December 2016

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