8 Easy Tips For Staying In Shape While On Holiday

You don’t have to leave your fitness regime at the departure gates when you go on holiday. Here are some ways you can stay in tiptop condition when even travelling.
30 September 2019

So you’re finally embarking on that long awaited and going on a well-deserved holiday. But does that mean you have to abandon the regular fitness routine you’ve worked hard to maintain once you step through the departure gates?

A vacation can help to reduce stress, but it also can derail a workout regimen. And even some disciplined exercisers may find it hard to abide by a fitness programme when away from home. How many times have you packed your workout attire in your suitcase, only to never take them out even once during your trip?

Travelling doesn’t have to disrupt or make you throw your healthy habits out the window. Fit in a sweat sesh with or without equipment in cold or warm climate with these tips.

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By Joyce Chua, September 2019 / Photos: Shutterstock 

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