A Beginner’s Guide To A Pasar Malam (NIGHT MARKET) In Singapore

26 October 2018

It’s one of the highlights of Singapore after dark. 

I can genuinely say my heart jumps for joy when I see a pasar malam (“Night Market” in Malay). These local temporary pop-up event peddle everything from tech accessories to cheap clothing and guilty pleasures in the form of sloppy burgers, fried oreos, and other indulgent food.

These markets started in Singapore in the mid-1950s before the modern conveniences of heartland malls came along. Today, they typically operate at the location for about 15 to 20 days before moving to a different vicinity. (Check out organiser TLK Trade Fair and Events‘ page for the latest markets around town.)

Never been to one? Here are some things you can expect at a pasar malam.

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