7 Places To Watch The Super Bowl 2020 LIVE In Singapore

The annual matchup is almost upon us!
21 January 2020

Find out where to catch the game live in SG!

The Super Bowl is uniquely American: showy, loud, and all about the money (I’m American, I can say it). It’s a great day to play make believe. Make believe it’s not a Sunday night party you’re attending, make believe it is not winter (the game is almost always in a warm and sunny locale), make believe it’s actually about the game (and not the commercials or half time show), make believe you’ll go back to your New Year’s diet in the morning.

So, in the spirit of make believe, Monday, 3 February at 7 am, you can pretend it’s still Sunday the 2nd, and you’re somewhere in America, while watching Super Bowl LIV, live at one of these hot spots.

By Kathleen Siddell / Additional reporting by Mizah Salik + Muneerah Bee, updated January 2020 / Photos: respective events and Facebook 

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