4 Colours You MUST Wear to Chinese New Year Events in Singapore

12 January 2016

Whether you’ve been invited to a friends home to celebrate, plan to head out to Chinatown celebrations or prefer to quietly observe at home, there is certain etiquette you should try to follow.

Follow these quick tips on the best colours to wear and use this Chinese New Year  and throughout the Year of the Dog. 

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?In general, on Chinese New Year’s Eve and the week that follows, it’s common practice in Singapore to wear so-called “auspicious” colours like:

  • Red 
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Gold or yellow

Why? Because it is believed that these bright hues will attract good fortune or give off good vibes (e.g., symbolising joy, love, strength, etc.). Don’t worry if you’re not donned, head to toe, in these colours. Accessories such as jewelry, belts and hats are enough to bring positive energy and assure your hosts that you know the proper colours to embrace.

However, for each year of the Lunar New Year and sign of the Chinese zodiac, there are five Feng Shui elements that must be present in order to achieve ultimate harmony and good energy. These elements are: wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

And, each year, one of the elements is assigned along with it’s animal companion. The colours to wear to appease this year’s Earth Dog, according to www.thechinesezodiac.org, are appropriately earthy tones like: 

  • Brown and beige – representing “stability, safety and loyalty”
  • Yellow – representing “joy, happiness and creativity”
  • Plus, two additional colours: green and blue – associated with Wood, another earthy element

But, also know this: The specific colour combinations for each zodiac sign varies (check out this chart to find out more). Plus, the site notes, “In Feng Shui, this applies to both the colors you are wearing as well as the colors of your home interior design.”

Will using these colours bring you fortune, health and good luck? Maybe or maybe not – but, why risk it? 

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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