A Day Out: 8 Reasons Why Everton Park Is Everyone’s Fave TRENDY Enclave

Definitely not your average ’hood.
21 February 2019

You’ll find fusion food, great coffee and Asian snacks in this distinctively trendy enclave.

Constructed in 1965, the Everton Park housing estate comprises of seven blocks of flats that housed the Singapore Harbour Board staff. After its renovation in 1979, the flats were re-allotted for residential use.

Today, two rows of flats (blocks 1-3 and 4-6) at the estate are uniquely intertwined, creating a maze-like experience when you walk through the corridors and corners. Images of Singapore’s past can be seen on shophouses along Everton Road. Some are the works of artist Yip who has lived Everton Road and walked along the same road every day for over 20 years!

Check out the best of Everton Park here and don’t miss the video below!

By Mizah Salik, From The Finder Issue 297 / Photos: Young Parents (Amah mural), respective shops and 123RF.com

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