A Day Out: 5 Fun Things To Do On St John’s Island, Singapore’s Offshore Gem Only 30 Minutes Away

For a day under the sun—while practising social distancing of course.
03 September 2020

Back to nature.

A few kilometres south of Singapore lies a secret beach with clear waters and white sands on St John’s Island, one of the country’s many beautiful offshore islands.

This popular day trip destination (previously known as Pulau Sakijang Bendera) was once a quarantine centre for immigrants coming into Singapore who had cholera, beri-beri, and leprosy (guess COVID came a little late huh?). It was later used to house political prisoners and drug rehabilitators. (You can still see the high barbed-wire fences!) Today, there are tons to do there, on land and beyond its shores.

By Muneerah Bee, July 2016 / last updated by Willaine G. Tan, September 2020.

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