3 Solitary Activities That You Can Do with Friends in Singapore

18 February 2016

Who says you have to do these things all by yourself?


We show you how hobbies that are often reserved for “alone time” can also be fun group activities with your friends, family, …and maybe even strangers. 


1. Reading

Sure we all love to indulge in a good book by ourselves at a favourite café, by the beach, at the park or in the comforts of our own home. But with plenty of book clubs and book swop programmes in Singapore, there’s no reason to keep it all to yourself. 

And if you love books as much as beers, this is perfect for you! Books and Beer is the country’s first travelling book swap with an icy-cold twist. Exchange and pass on your books at their monthly events and get into some bookworm babble over books and booze. 


2. Writing

Find the joy in writing. With no pressure. 

The Featherweight Sessions is a monthly peer support group for (new and experienced) writers of all ages and writing styles. These 1.5-hour sessions are a mix of writing exercises, journal prompts and inspiration sharing. Join writer and spoken word artist Charlene Shepherdson at Aria every third Saturday of the month (that’s this weekend!) as she guides you through the fun writing activities. 

It’s like having a monthly little writing retreat!


3. Making art

Sure, it is often perceived as a solo activity that keeps you occupied for hours to help you relax and unwind. But with so many art jamming cafes in Singapore, don’t miss the chance to gather your friends and create art together! We personally love Arteastiq (and their Caramel Chai Latte!) for an afternoon of unleashing creativity while getting our weekend caffeine fix.


Muneerah Bee, February 2016 

Photo: Arteastiq’s Facebook page


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