Capella, Shangri-La Or Fullerton? 12 Places You Might Actually Catch A Glimpse Of Trump And Kim In Singapore

Keen to check out this historic moment? Try hanging out in these areas to try and catch a glimpse of these world leaders.
07 June 2018

While we now know a little bit more about the highly anticipated Trump-Kim summit to be held here in Singapore on June 12, so much of it is still shrouded in mystery.

In particular, why have three hotel areas in particular been gazetted (that is to say, been made high-security areas) for the event? These hotels, Capella Singapore in Sentosa, Shangri-La Singapore near Orchard Road and the historic The Fullerton Hotel Singapore are all some of Singapore’s top hotels and have seen their share of royalty and celebrities, but which one will be ultimately used for the summit?

Rumour has it that Trump and Kim will stay at either or the Shangri-La or the Fullerton while the event itself will be held in Capella. And while chances are slim of actually seeing any of these leaders without breaking some laws, we’ve put together a few places you might be able to casually wait it out, who knows, you might be able to watch history being made.

FYI, currently these areas will still be allowing guests and visitors to enter, they will simply be subjected to more security measures which can include bag checks.

Even if you don’t want to see the two heads of state, these places and experiences are worth a visit!

If you’re around Capella…

If you’re around the Shangri-La…

If you’re around the Fullerton…

By Sean Tham, June 2018


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