About The Finder’s Issue 300 – “Shiok SG!” – From The Editor

Editor-in-Chief Sara Lyle Bow shares highlights about this collector's edition!
13 September 2019

Because 300.

At 26 years and counting, The Finder is the reigning longest-running publication for expatriates in Singapore. And, we wanted to celebrate this milestone – our 300th print issue! – by creating a collector’s edition for readers to savour and save.

Start with the sumptuous “Shiok SG!” cover (and watch this behind-the-scenes video with Binary Style co-founder Santhi Tunas). Then, dive into our 15-page #FinderSGFaves cover story, featuring 34 hand-picked Singaporean business owners.


Through much discussion and debate, we chose to highlight these individuals – and their unique products and services – because they a) help people live well in Singapore (like The Finder!) and b) have uniquely inspiring stories. (You can see a few of those featured below and read all about them on the site very soon!)

Just for this Issue 300, we also created a special From SG with Love section full of stories on the best places to shop, eat, explore and more around the Garden City. Some must-reads: “Best Art to Buy” by locally-based artists, “15 Reasons to Love Living in SG”  (see below) and – for your staycation-planning purposes – “SG’s Most Instagrammable Places to Stay” (see here).

Another reason we’re especially “rah-rah!” about the Red Dot, at the mo’? This year marks the 200th anniversary of the island nation’s founding by Sir Stamford Raffles. Bicentennial events and exhibits have popped up throughout 2019, celebrating or simply examining how Singapore was once a jewel in the British crown. Today, this mini-yet-mighty city-state continues to punch above its weight – politically, economically and culturally.

For me, it’s a privilege to live in such a vibrant place, though I admit the high cost of living can be a drag, and I don’t always understand the intricacies of local life (#expatproblems). On that note, if you’re not entirely sure what the word “shiok” on our cover means, flip to the Singlish primer on backpage. It’ll get you sorted!

Please tell us what you think at thefinder@sph.com.sg.

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By Sara Lyle Bow, September 2019

TFS 300

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