About The Finder Kids’ Volume 27 – “Baby Mine” – From The Editor

Editor-in-Chief Sara Lyle Bow introduces the latest edition of this special magazine for international families in Singapore.
15 July 2019

As an expat in Singapore, your choices about how and where to give birth can seem both limiting and overwhelming.

Limiting because you may have to pay for all birth-related medical expenses out of pocket (find out why here). But, overwhelming in that there is simply so much choice here.

That’s where The Finder Kids comes in! We consult our sources and do our fact-checking to give you up-to-date, credible information – so you can go into pregnancy, giving birth, raising a kid, etc., etc., armed with solid recommendations. Case in point, our “What Kind of New Parent are You?” story outlines smart ideas and suggestions for Kiasu, Conscious and Chill mums and dads alike (read it all here).

Another well-reported story in this issue: “Raising Kids Gluten-Free in SG” (read the entire thing here). It was written by regular contributor Andrea McKenna Brankin, who says of the assignment, “I was surprised to learn that being on a gluten-free diet, even if you do not have gluten intolerance or Celiac disease, does nothing to improve your health.”

One of my personal favourite pages to produce each TFK (as we call it)? Our back-page My Real Expat Life essay. This time, Indian expat mum and photographer Aruna Vallury shared what it was like to lose her mojo after moving to SG as a “trailing” spouse – and what pursuit brought it back

Last, I’m proud to unveil our first-ever collection of Early Learning Reports, highlighting top international schools and preschools that cater to infants and toddlers on up. Now, you can review Every. Single. One.

As always, please tell us what you think of these stories and others at thefinder@sph.com.sg.

To go behind-the-scenes of our cover shoot, check out the video here. Big thanks to Deer Industries – whose founder Joyce Coenraads is one of our recent 2019 Expatpreneur Award winners – which loaned us the adorable merch (see product details below!).


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By Sara Lyle Bow, July 2019 / Cover Photo: Darren Chang / Props: Art Prints Rainbows & Unicorns (Set of 2; only 1 shown), $29.90, and Fancy Peacocks (Medium, $44.90; Large, $72.90) by Deer Industries

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