Boost Your Fertility Chances With These D.I.Y. Home Treatment Options

We spoke to our consulted team of professionals on home D.I.Y. ways to increase fertility chances.
01 November 2020

Looking to increase your pregnancy chances? Here’s a list of useful fertility home treatment tips from our experts that may just help you out.

In our infertility story of The Finder Kids Volume 29, our consulted team of professionals also shared some fertility home treatment tips. Learn about our list of home-friendly D.I.Y. ways to increase fertility chances below!

Non-Invasive Home D.I.Y. Treatments To Boost Fertility

Experts We Consulted

Dr. Kelly Loi, Medical Director at Mount Elizabeth Hospital Fertility Centre. Dr. Loi has 20-plus years of obstetrics and gynaecology experience at Mount Elizabeth Hospital Fertility Centre; specialises in In-vitro Fertilisation (IVF) treatment.






Dr. Stefanie Liau, TCM Physician at Thomson Chinese Medicine and at-home treatments. Since 2015, she has specialised in TCM infertility treatment and gynaecology, pain management, ophthalmology and paediatric massage at Thomson Chinese Medicine (9818 8255).






Dr. Sebastian Liew, Founder of Leaf to Life. The first Asian-Western medical herbalist in SG who has more than 20 years of experience.







Angelia Ng, Owner of Babies Bliss. She has 20 years of experience; specialises in alternative fertility therapy at Babies Bliss, such as Certified Fertility Massage Specialist and Fertility Strengthening (FSM) Massage.







By Willaine G. Tan, The Finder Kids Volume 29 / Additional Reporting: Sara Lyle Bow / Photos:

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