Turn Your Kids’ Breakfast Into DELICIOUS Brain Food With These EASY Tips

Start the day with a brainy breakfast.
11 February 2020

Breakfast can make or break your child’s day in school.

Research suggests a strong relationship between reducing childhood obesity, improving academic performance, as well as shaping your kid’s eating habits as an adult.

Recent research shows that kids who leave home without something in their belly are more inclined and distracted at school. Something as simple as a slice of whole wheat toast can greatly improve your child’s learning ability as well as prevent chronic illnesses as an adult.

Dr Ruth Chan, research assistant professor of the Department of Medicine and Therapeutics at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, agrees but stresses the importance of particular foods. “What you eat is very important, too,” she says. “A mix of complex carbohydrates, protein and fibre is necessary to help with the body’s demands during the day.”

Here are some yummy power breakfast ideas.

This article first appeared on Young Parents, August 2019 / Updated February 2020

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