37 Fun, Indoor Activities To Do With Kids at Home

25 June 2019

This summer holidays, you might be looking for some fun, indoor activities to do with the kids (we all know how troublesome heading out is, and how Junior gets lost the minute you take your eyes off him).

Here are 37!

  1. Bake: cookies, cakes, mini pizzas – let your imagination (or the internet) go wild.
  2. Build a giant blanket fort
  3. Gather recycling and create something new. “Upcycle” to create a robot, a car or whatever your child loves.
  4. Create and indoor obstacle course. Use pillows, toys or old boxes to create obstacles that the kids can jump over, crawl through or swerve around.
  5. Dance party!
  6. Work out. Get the kids to do some push ups, lunges, jumping jacks, or whatever they find fun.
  7. Practice karate. A quick you tube search will teach you basic moves.
  8. Board games
  9. Cuddle in bed with a stack of books. Make up your own story to go with the pictures.
  10. Put on a play
  11. Make a video
  12. Play dough: make it and start creating!
  13. Draw, color, paint (combine this with your upcycled creation)
  14. Practice yoga. Again, a quick YouTube search will give you some ideas for moves you can practice together.
  15. Have an indoor picnic
  16. Play dress up
  17. Play charades
  18. Play restaurant
  19. Play hide and seek
  20. Make a scavenger hunt
  21. Play school
  22. Paint and create an art gallery/museum (add your play dough creations for sculptures)
  23. Do some sponge painting
  24. Tear up some scraps of paper and make a collage
  25. Set up some empty water bottles and go bowling
  26. Play cards (go fish, war, Uno)
  27. Make a noodle necklace
  28. Play freeze dance (when you stop the music, the kids have to freeze)
  29. Do puzzles
  30. Make a puzzle (draw a picture on thick paper, cut it into different shapes and piece it back together).
  31. Make Chinese paper lanterns
  32. Make sock puppets
  33. Sort through old toys and find ones you can give away (okay, maybe they won’t love this one…)
  34. Create a car racing track (use some colored tape to create lines all over the house)
  35. Create a “time capsule. Have kids write a letter to their future selves or interview them. Pick a couple of photos or mementos and put them in an airtight container. Hide it and pick a day in the future when you’ll open it again.
  36. Try some home science experiments
  37. Or make this volcano!

By Kathleen Siddell, September 2015 / Updated June 2019 

Photo: 123rf.com

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