When Zit’s An Emergency: 4 Fast Ways To Get Rid Of Pimples Overnight!

13 February 2018

Acne always seems to rear its ugly head (literally) at the worst time: before an important job interview, wedding, first date or even that special V-Day or anniversary night out. 

While acne is caused by a combination of different factors, sometimes it just comes down to stress. And we all know that prepping for a big day that we usually have very little control over is bound to cause major stress and anxiety.

When you’re stressed, your skin is more likely to produce too much cortisol, a hormone that leads to the secretion of excess oil that clogs the pores to create blemishes. While you might be tempted to pop that zit, doing so might just make things worse.

If you are bummed over that bump, here are four things you can do!


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