7 Best DISCOUNT Stores In Singapore to Grab Good Deals And Stretch Your Dollar

Keep your wallet full, and your shopping bags fuller.
13 February 2019

Be a smart spender!

Everyday necessities don’t seem to cost a lot. But purchasing a bottle of shampoo here, a bag of chips there, and all of a sudden your monthly spending budget seems to have tightened a whole lot. How exactly does one save money when it comes to products used on a daily basis? The good news is that there’s no need to scrimp and save when using every item, especially when there are a multitude of discount stores readily available. By taking the time to shop discounted items, you might even have enough left over to splurge on something you really want – like that bag at the mall.

Here are seven discount stores in Singapore where you can shop to your heart’s content, without having to worry about your bank balance.

By Zoe Zeng and Joy Fang, February 2019

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