Nominate YOUR Favourite Expat-Owned Business For The Finder’s 2019 Expatpreneur Awards

Extra points if you own the business yourself!
14 January 2019

For the first time, The Finder is opening up its popular Expatpreneur Awards for self-nominations.

What are the Expatpreneur Awards? Just our way to celebrate and honour successful businesses founded by foreign-born individuals in Singapore. What do all of the businesses have in common? They help people live well in Singapore – just like The Finder!

Read more about last year’s second-annual awards here, and see who came to our awards event and watch the video, below. Find out who won in 2018. And, learn why The Finder is uniquely suited to give these awards, having been founded by two expats itself in 1993!

Now, to the Nominating Part…

Know of a business that’s worthy of consideration? Tell us about it at by Monday, 28 January, 2019. Details to include:

  • Name of the business/es and location/s
  • Name of the business founder and/or owner (note: It’s okay if there are co-founders or co-owners, as long as the person/s being nominated is not Singaporean and currently resides in SG)
  • Nationality of the person/s being nominated
  • How long has the person/s lived in Singapore?
  • When was the business/es founded in Singapore?
  • Why do you think this person/s and business/es should win a 2019 Expatpreneur Award? Tell us: why the business is unique or special in SG, how it helps people live well in SG and any other accomplishments or accolades worth noting.

Note: If you have photos of the person/s and business/es being nominated as well as links (website, social media pages), please send those, too.

We’ll be notifying selected candidates by the end of January, so get in those nominations ASAP! And, stay tuned to see who wins this year’s Expatpreneur Awards.

Happy nominating!

P.S. Get insights into the judging process from Dr. Yvonne McNulty, who first coined the term “expat-preneur” in 2015, in the video, below.

By Sara Lyle Bow, January 2019

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