Inspired Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day In Singapore – By Expat Andrea McKenna Brankin

09 February 2018

I have to admit it: I am a total sucker for Valentine’s Day! Single or married, it’s a great night to get out and do cool things.

I don’t care if it’s what Americans call a “Hallmark holiday”, which means it is made up for commercial purposes (mainly, selling Hallmark brand greeting cards). I love it.

I found some excellent new options to try this year, including activities, parties and dinners. Here’s my short-list of ways to rev up your V-Day.


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Orchard hotspot, KPO, known for its spiffy sports cars on weekend nights, is having what it calls a “Girlboss Party” for Valentine’s Day. After all, Wednesday is still ladies’ night around here!

Taking the lonely-hearts route? Check out the very popular annual anti-Valentine’s Day party at Lucho Loco in Duxton Hill. The Hearts Go Loco event is a single mingle gig, featuring piñata bashing, kissing booth and Trump’s dreaded “bad hombres.”

IMHO, the best views in the city are at 1-Altitude, which is adding Valentine’s Day sparks to its usual Wicked Wednesday ladies’ night, which has awesome music and drinks to go along with the Singapore skyline. It’s a pretty memorable place to meet a new partner and you know those how-we-met tales get glitzier – and taller – as time passes.

Among my most-favourite restaurants in Singapore, which is a great date-night locale, is Level33, which houses not only the highest craft brewery in the world but also really delicious food, such as Australian beef and beer pairings. Their own European craft beer offerings boast a variety of flavours, such as Blond Lager, India Pale Ale, Stout and Wheat Beer.

One of the sexiest and most romantic wine bars in the city, 13% Gastro Wine, has not one but three locations where you can savour amazing wine from France and everywhere else. The staff is very well-versed in all their vintages and there are some excellent values to be had on bottles. Plus, you can order cheese-and-meat plates along with succulent steak, octopus or authentic Black Iberico ham. Their Belgian fries are even supervised by a real Belgique! (Don’t be surprised if you see me here for V-Day next week.)

If you’re looking to get off this island, hop over to Sentosa Cove for some glamping. Yep, glamorous camping has hit Sentosa with its “I Lawn For You” outdoor dining, drinks and tents. The menu features lots of seafood and barbeque items, such as Wagyu tenderloin, stuff quail and seared Foie Gras. Bubbly cocktails for two included! I’m not sure if the tents are just for dinner but you may as well be the first in Singapore to find out.

As a yoga teacher, I would be remiss if I didn’t include the obligatory non-dinner activity for those who don’t want to eat, drink or twerk their way to someone’s heart. Partner yoga action is taking place at a few places around town. Touting it as a combo of dance performance and intimate communication, Platinum Yoga is holding special partner workshops at three studios for Valentine’s Day. The Yoga School also boast a partner yoga class, offering participants  a way to “connect through breath and movement.” Hubba, hubba, ommmmmm….

With some prior planning, you can make the 2018 round of Valentine’s Day shenanigans the best yet. So, drink, eat, dance, glamp, pose and fire up the love here in Singapore. Besides, it’s always hot around here!

About Andrea McKenna Brankin

Andrea McKenna Brankin is journalist and author from the United States who lives a full life with bipolar disorder. Her book, Bipolar Phoenix, is awaiting a publishing contract. She is also currently a volunteer at the DaySpring Residential Treatment Centre for teen girls in Singapore, providing befriending-family support, therapeutic writing and rugby coaching.


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