5 Hacks on Shipping Holiday Gifts from Singapore

08 December 2015
<p>Shipping holiday gifts need not be a nightmare.</p>

Shipping holiday gifts need not be a nightmare.

Sending home some holiday cheer? Save time and stave off disappointments by packing like a pro with these savvy tips.


1. Ship Early

Stating the obvious here: The festive season is a peak shipping period around the globe. So plan ahead if you’re thinking of sending presents home to the family. Aim to post your gifts by the second week of December to avoid delays.


2. Wrap Tightly

You may have seen YouTube videos of delivery guys tossing around packages like quarterbacks in the Super Bowl. How to protect your breakables? Pack items separately and cushion them within the box (bubble wrap and peanuts, anyone?). Shake after packing and listen and feel for minimal movement. Things still rattling? Pad further with newspaper or shredded paper. 


3. Seal Carefully 

Use the H-method to reinforce your box: With packaging tape, seal along the seams on the top and bottom of your box – the effect creates an ‘H’ shape to keep the contents safe. 


4. Consolidate 

Is everyone gathering at Gran’s for the holidays? Then pack their gifts into a single box, and ship them to Gran so she can distribute them to each family member after Christmas brunch. They will love opening their gifts together, and you’ll save a tonne on postage fees. 


5. Have it Delivered

You can compare rates and shipping times with the online calculator option on the DHL, FedEx and UPS courier services websites. Alternatively, why not try SpeedPost by SingPost? The service ships to over 220 countries, provides boxes for easy packing and tends to be more affordable than regular courier services. Explore your options at www.speedpost.com.sg. 

Buying gifts from online vendors for friends or family in SG? Look up www.borderlinx.com to save on shipping, extra taxes or duty fees.


By Hazel Vincent De Paul, The Finder, December 2015

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