How to Free Up Your Time to Exercise and Stay Fit

23 February 2016
<p>No excuses!</p>

No excuses!

By Natalie Dau, Finder Blogger: The Fit Friend, and co-founder of Urban Remedy

In this day and age, we sometimes say we don’t have the time for our fitness routines. But is there a way to make time for exercise in our daily lives? 


I am the first person to admit I am a HUGE advocate of outsourcing whatever I can.

I have been known to be somewhat of a control freak (I can hear my family screaming “yes” at this point!) but over the years, I have managed to let go of the need to make sure everything is 100% perfect and give way to someone else having a go at it.

The fact is, we have been outsourcing personal tasks forever, it just didn’t have a label.

When I was growing up it was called working for your pocket money. And if you have ever had the opportunity to have a personal assistant I would put money on the fact that they have carried out some “non-business related” outsourcing task for you at some point, whether it be booking personal travel or paying a phone bill.

Generally the most popular tasks to outsource are housecleaning, laundry and ironing, grocery shopping, dog walking, car washing and good old lawn mowing. But more and more people are slowly trusting others to pay their bills, or to buy a gift for their loved one.

In Singapore, many of us are already blessed with wonderful people who share our homes and help us get on-board the express train to an “easier life”.  But there are still excuses made by many when it comes to taking the time out to fit in exercise, mental wellness or making the effort eating healthy.

So what else can you be doing to free up your time, so there are zero excuses not to be healthy?

The 4-Hour Workweek book by Tim Ferriss is really the original How-to guide for ideas on better managing your personal tasks, and it is a great place to start.


And if you want to jump straight in you can try some of the following sites:

1. My favourite:
Basically a list of offerings from people who will do a task for $5. There are real some gems on offer!

One of the better known (and tested) sites.

For $25 a month your personal admin issues are solved.

Now with all this free time get your shoes on and head off on that walk!


About Natalie Dau

Having worked in global roles in the corporate consulting world for over 20 years, Natalie Dau left this life behind and followed her deep passion for fitness and health when she started Urban Remedy with Holleigh Mason. With the aim of being Asia’s number one wellness portal, Urban Remedy is about making healthy living options accessible to everyone – no matter age, race or income through global and local information, service directories, events, wellness programs and products, and for those wanting it, a very personalised wellness experience tailored to each individual through communities, content and a wellness dashboard.


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