Do Juice Cleanses Really Work?

06 January 2016
<p>To juice or not to juice?</p>
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To juice or not to juice?


When it comes to juice cleanses, the camps are divided. Are they really effective? Holleigh Mason of Urban Remedy shares her thoughts.  


What the naysayers say: The amount of fruit required to make 350 to 500 millilitres of juice is too high in fructose (fruit sugar), which can spike insulin levels and potentially store that extra energy as fat. Team Anti also states that when you juice, you don’t get the benefit of fibre from eating whole foods.

Valid points, but it’s important to look at why each individual might benefit from juicing, and mitigate the negatives – like I do – by eating a fibre-rich diet and juicing mostly vegetables. Since beginning my weight-loss journey two years ago, I’ve lost nearly 55 kg. thanks in part to intermittent three-day juice cleanses. Juicing might be beneficial if…

You need a mental reboot and want to kick start new healthy eating habits. Soon after I started juicing, I became a “clean eater” most of the time.

You dislike vegetables or can’t face another plate of steamed veggies – but want their critical nutrients. My juicing advice: To begin, your taste buds may crave more fruits than veggies, but keep adjusting the ratio toward veggies (spinach, cucumber, celery, carrots).

You need to shed fat. I viewed my juice cleanses as a three-day liquid vegetarian diet, concluding with a delicious nut milk to satiate me at night and put me to sleep. There is a lot of liquid volume to consume – I was never hungry. 

You want to improve your focus and clarity. I can highly recommend downing a green juice around 2 pm – right before the typical 3 pm energy crash occurs.

Singapore is hot! Sometimes it’s just more refreshing to drink your veggies, right? That said, stay hydrated. Remember to drink about six glasses of water a day, if juicing.

Otherwise, if you’re juicing at home, I recommend a juicer by Hurom because the slower motor speed keeps nutrients intact. Buy a small insulated cooler (IKEA has inexpensive ones) to keep your juices chilled on the go. And start with a three-day cleanse – five days are epic. 


By Holleigh Mason, The Finder, January 2016


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