Are You Drinking Enough Water During Your Pregnancy?

24 August 2016

Water for two

We’ve all been told that water is vital in staying hydrated, but this becomes even more important when you’re pregnant.

Here’s why that extra cup of H20 is important for you and your baby, and how to get easy access to clean, fresh drinking water.


Bringing relief

Studies have shown that drinking water can help ease the symptoms of water retention, morning sickness and constipation, and helps decrease the risk of dehydration, which can be very serious in pregnant women.

Water can also help keep you keep cool, especially in Singapore’s hot and humid weather.


Is tap water ok?

While tap water in Singapore is safe to drink, it lacks the minerals that spring water can provide.

Natural Springs Australia draws directly from Victoria’s Black Hill Mountain spring, subjects the water to a fi ltering system and sends it straight to Singapore without any additional handling, where it is then bottled.

Customer safety is Natural Springs’ first priority and physical and microbiological testing is a key process in ensuring the highest quality of water without sacrificing its natural mineral content.


Convenience is key

Natural Springs offers fast and easy access to clean water with its doorstep delivery service at $19 per five-gallon bottle. A minimum order of three bottles for homes and four bottles for offices comes with free delivery.

A hot and cold water dispenser is also provided at a one-time refundable deposit of $250, refundable upon termination of service.

Additionally, Natural Springs will waive the rental charges for the dispenser if you consume more than 36 bottles yearly.

To place your order, log on to the Natural Springs website, or call 6872 3468.


Albatross International Pte Ltd
2 Fishery Port Rd, #01-01, Singapore 619746
Tel: 68723468

Natural Springs Australia Is the leading producer of pure, natural and healthy spring water. Our water originates from Victoria’s Black Hill Mountains, an area that is famous for its pristine, crystal clear and pure spring water. There is nothing in our spring water but spring water – by nature!

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