#FinderSGFaves 2019: Explore A World Of Books From This Singapore Publisher

Founder of singularly Singapore focused publisher Epigram Books
16 September 2019

Formerly a psychologist for the government, journalist for The Straits Times and then founder and creative director of a design agency, Edmund Wee has had an exciting career journey.

And, all of these jobs prepared him to be the book publisher he is today – albeit not on purpose. Though there was a desire to leave a legacy, it was an accidental move,” says Edmund, describing his shift from a communications design firm to becoming one of Singapore’s largest independent publisher… after winning the President’s Design Award for Designer of the Year in 2008, mind you. Since 2011, Epigram Books has championed and promoted Singapore literature for all ages, from picture books for the young to middle-grade titles for students and literary novels for grown-ups.

Find out more about the founder of Epigram in our gallery below!

By Sara Lyle Bow, Muneerah Bee, Melodi Ghui + Christopher Ong Ujine, The Finder Issue 300, September 2019 

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