#FinderSGFaves 2019: Explore Singapore On This AWARD-WINNING Bike Tour

Co-founder of Let’s Go Tour Singapore, providing two-wheeled fun-formation
16 September 2019

“If I didn’t run my business in Singapore, I’d want to sail the seas to see the world!” Robin Loh says enthusiastically.

His core business, however, focuses on a different mode of transportation altogether: bicycles. Come again? When Robin saw a gap in the market – noticing that bike tours were not available here – he got the idea to launch Let’s Go Tour Singapore in 2016.

Learn more about co-founder of Let’s Go Tour Singapore, Robin Loh, here!

By Sara Lyle Bow, Muneerah Bee, Melodi Ghui + Christopher Ong Ujine, The Finder Issue 300, September 2019 

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TFS 300

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