Expatpreneur Awards 2017: How This Expat Is Improving The Sports Scene In Singapore

01 March 2017

This month, we’re celebrating the successes of savvy expatriates and Singaporeans, as well as the setbacks they overcame, to make life better in Singapore in our Expatpreneur Awards 2017. 

German expat Olliver Marx has been involved in a number of businesses over the years, from his first – organising student parties during uni (“my friends and I had a brilliant time”) – to helping his long-time partner, Carolyn, start ARThaus to his current role, as GM of the Cosmo United Football Academy (CUFA).

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He took over ownership of this popular soccer school in 2010, after serving as a silent partner to his friend – a formidable football player and coach who founded CUFA in 2005.

“We have a constant influx of local children,” says Olliver, who says it’s “very heartwarming” that more Singaporeans are appreciating the “positive impact of sports in a safe and fun coaching environment that we provide at CUFA.”

Plus, he says of both expat and local families, “more and more parents realise that children need to be active and creative.”

His tip for success? “Be tough and don’t take any nonsense from other people.” (As for us, find out how we picked the awardees here.)

For someone who’s played a role in so many different fields of work, what might Olliver be doing instead if he didn’t run CUFA in Singapore? “I’d want to have a diving and windsurfing school in Asia and a ski and snowboard school in Europe.”

It’s not surprising then that this sportsman, through and through, is passionate about having access to proper fields and facilities for athletic activities for kids and adults in Singapore.

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