6 DIY At-Home Beauty Treatments You Can Do With Everyday Items

03 August 2016

Pretty easy

These at-home beauty treatments use ingredients you already have in the kitchen or are easily obtainable from the nearest supermarket.

What’s even better? They’re inexpensive, all natural and free of chemicals you haven’t got the slightest idea how to pronounce.


1. Potato & Yogurt Anti-Aging Mask

The humble potato is not only delicious, it is also packed with vitamins and has anti-aging properties. Who knew! This easy-to-make mask can help fight aging by warding off wrinkles. 

You will need:

  1. A decent sized raw potato
  2. A tablespoon of natural Greek yogurt


  1. Wash and skin the potato thoroughly.
  2. Chop the potato into small chunks.
  3. Add the potato chunks and some Greek yogurt into a food processor and blend into a paste. 
  4. Apply the paste onto your face and leave on for 30 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. Your skin will be taut and smooth.


2. Soothing & Moisturising Honey Mask

Commonly used as a healthier alternative for sweeteners, honey also possesses antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Its high sugar content makes it a humectant – a substance which draws moisture from the atmosphere. Honey can be applied on the face alone. 

You will need:

  1. Good quality, raw, unprocessed honey


  1. Cover your face with a layer of honey and leave on for 20 minutes.
  2. Wash it off. Your skin will be glowing and supple. 


3. Skin Brightening Lemon Mask

Lemons are rich in vitamin C, AHA and BHAs, making them excellent for facial treatments. However, the high acidity leaves the skin more sensitive to the sun’s rays. Never leave the house without washing off any lemon you’ve applied on your face and always apply SPF moisturiser after treatment. 

You will need:

  1. You can either use new lemons or reuse the ones you’ve just squeezed or zested for cooking purposes.


  1. Test out your skin’s sensitivity by rubbing a bit of lemon juice on a small section of your face. 
  2. Depending on your skin, you can either rub lemons directly on your face, or dilute lemon juice with a bit of water or olive oil before application.
  3. Leave on for 30 minutes before washing it off.


4. Green Tea Sugar Scrub

Green tea is not only a superfood, it can also help you achieve better skin. This homemade scrub uses ingredients you will probably already have lying around in your kitchen. As it is made fresh without preservatives, it is best to finish each batch as soon as possible. 

You will need:

  1. One cup of granulated white sugar
  2. 1/8 cup of grape seed or olive oil
  3. 1/8 cup of cooled brewed green tea
  4. One green tea bag
  5. A few drops of green tea or jasmine essential oil (optional, but makes your scrub scented)


  1. Combine the sugar, oil and brewed tea to form a wet paste. 
  2. Open the tea bag and pour the leaves into the mixture, and mix thoroughly.
  3. The mixture can now be used as a body scrub to exfoliate dead skin. 


5. Used Tea Bags Puffy Eyes Treatment

Don’t throw out those tea bags after you’re done brewing a cuppa! You can use them to treat puffy eyes and dark circles as black tea has reduces swelling.

You will need:

  1. Two recently brewed, cooled tea bags


  1. Leave one tea bag under each eye for 15 minutes. 


6. Epsom Salt Hair Volumising Treatment 

Using conditioner after shampooing often leaves your hair limp and lifeless. For voluminous hair, you want to condition before the shampoo step. For maximum results, do this:

You will need:

  1. Some Epsom salt
  2. Your regular conditioner


  1. Mix Epsom salt and conditioner in equal parts
  2. Work the mixture into your hair and leave on for 20 minutes.
  3. Rinse it off and shampoo as usual. 


By Joshua Tan, August 2016

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