Where To Buy In Bulk In Singapore

01 July 2015

One of the first surprises for expats in Singapore, is the sticker shock when you make that first trip to the grocery store.

It’s a rite of passage, really. Even if you’ve prepared yourself for a higher cost of living (because you’ve diligently read all you can about Singapore) there is still the “I spent how much on all that?!?!?!” rage/disbelief. You convince yourself it’s because it was your first big shopping trip and the next time will be better.

So three days later when miniature loaf of bread and that wee box of $20 cereal is almost gone, you go back. This time you leave nearly in tears, wondering which will come first: starvation, or running out of cash.

The good news? We can help! If you’re desperate for Costco or want to buy bulk goods at reasonable prices, look no further.

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1. Warehouse Club

Opened in December 2014, this massive warehouse is owned and operated by FairPrice.  Borrowing from US, Australian and Japanese models, Warehouse Club give members the opportunity to buy items in bulk offering customers more savings. American expats will recognize their Kirkland products but you’ll also find many other Asian and Western labels. Shop for groceries, household items, health and beauty, produce and frozen goods.

You need to purchase a member card in order to shop. NTUC members and FairPrice members pay $35/year. Non-NUTC and FairPrice members pay $50/year.

Levels 2 & 3 The Warehouse Club, 1 Joo Koon Circle, Singapore 629116


2. Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre

For the more adventurous, you can try Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre. This is essentially a GIANT wet market that supplies many of the smaller markets and stores around the island. The complex is 26 blocks (massive hangar like buildings) containing around 1,400 stalls, shops, offices and cold rooms. The experience is intimidating and maybe best to bring a friend but stall owners are friendly and will help you learn your way.

1 Wholesale Centre, Singapore 110001


3. Allswell Market

This fish market offers a great selection of fresh, live fish and will clean and gut your catch on request. They are one of the main suppliers to hotels and restaurants throughout Singapore and have a great reputation for providing high quality products at a fair price when buying in bulk.  

670 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389597


4. Jurong Fishery Port

Another option for buy live fish wholesale is Jurong Fishery Port. The hours aren’t terribly convenient – the best time is 1 am – 4 am but maybe worth it if you can split your purchase among friends or are planning an event. It can get crowded with professionals looking to supply their restaurants so best to know what you want instead of just going for a look around.

35 Fishery Port Rd, Singapore 619742‎


5. Toa Payoh Night Market

Another option for you night owls is the Toa Payoh Night Market. Open Monday – Saturday from 10:30 pm – 7 am, this market transforms a car park into a fresh produce market. The prices are excellent, the products are great and you can buy enough to keep your house well stocked. Maybe worth the late night trip!

Between the carpark along Ubi Avenue 3, between The Frontier and industrial blocks (3005-3014).


6. Victoria Wholesale Centre

This wholesale centre on Kallang Ave. sells mostly grocery and dried food. Many of the 41 units sell dried seafood and other local delicacies but you can also find a good range of nuts and dried fruits. Additionally, you can find some parties supplies, fabrics, hardware and household items.

101 Kallang Ave, Singapore 339504


Now that you have your groceries, stock up on everything you need for the kitchen with these great stores!


By Kathleen Siddell, June 2015
Last updated September 2016


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