The Top 60 Places You Must See In Singapore – By Expat Liu Kuan-ting

14 April 2016
<p>There's more to see in this little red dot than you think!</p>

There's more to see in this little red dot than you think!

Mr Liu Kuan-ting is a Taiwanese expat living in Singapore. With no experience making videos.

He’s also the guy who made a 15-minute long video featuring scenes of Singapore collected over the past year, from everyday sights like the ice cream vendors you see by the roadside and tourist hotspots like Gardens By The Bay to events such as the Singapore Night Festival – an ode to the country that he has grown to love ever since moving here in 2012.

Ever since the video was uploaded on his Facebook page on 29 March, it’s garnered more than 1,300 shares as well as countless shares and comments thanking him for his genuine display of appreciation for Singapore.

In his next project, Mr Liu plans to showcase the best of Singapore’s food – and for a country so known for her food, that’s quite an undertaking. We can’t wait!

By Pinky Chng, April 2016

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