Review: Make Your Commute In Singapore Easier With Remote-Controlled Cars

19 August 2016

Given how much you’re paying for a car in Singapore, it’s only right you ask for one with the best qualities. 

Imposing road presence,  precision craftsmanship, comfort and driving pleasure, a twin-turbocharged V8 motor, and then some.

We’re thinking the BMW 750Li’s leading-edge Remote Control Parking function, which lets the driver hop out of the car and park it via BMW’s display key.

Here’s the low-down on the new BMW 7 Series 750Li. 

The 750Li’s high-tech keyfob now activates BMW’s Remote Control Parking feature and is the world’s first series-produced car, which manoeuvres in or out of forward-parking spaces or garages without anyone at the wheel.

Let’s say you’ve found a nice but precarious ‘solo-lot’ flanked by two large pillars. Sure, the car can fit but won’t leave you much space to open your door considering its size.

Using the Remote Control Parking feature, you can step out of the car before reversing it via your BMW display key. 

Doing so isn’t rocket science either. Flip through the display key’s menu to a page that says ‘RC Parking’ and let the display key and car sync up.

Then, an image of your car is displayed on the screen, alongside a forwards and backwards symbol, which moves the car forward or reverse at the touch of your fingertips – much like an iPhone game.

While the car is performing the semi-automated manoeuvre, the driver’s job is to watch out for obstacles. In case of oncoming cars or pedestrians, simply release your finger and the car stops.

Almost autonomous-like, the system makes directional adjustments while moving, to ensure the car parked perfectly. 

Plus, it’s clever enough to stop if someone or something gets in the way. For safety’s sake, the car also stops in its tracks once your finger is removed from a switch on the side of the display key.

When your lunch or movie is done, repeat the procedure to move your car forward, out of the lot and you may then hop in and drive away – no scratches or dents on your precious car.

Usability aside, the 750Li’s Remote Control Parking feature is a party trick that drops jaws at an equally jaw-dropping price of $580,800 (as of 26th July 2016).

Just don’t let your kids have a go at this ‘remote control game’.


By Nigel Yong, sgCarMart, 4 August 2016

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