Public Buses In Singapore Now Have USB Charging Ports For Your Mobile Devices!

02 September 2016

Down to the last 10 per cent on your phone battery?

From today, commuters will be able to charge their mobile phones and other devices while on the go, if they are on one of 10 new buses with USB charging ports.

Transport operator SMRT will run the buses on five of its services – routes 61, 67, 985, 963 and 969.

The 10 Man A95 double-deckers will each have 41 charging ports spread out across both decks.

The ports will be located near the inner seats of each row to encourage commuters to take these seats.

Commuters will have to use their own charging cables.

An additional 137 buses with USB charging ports will be progressively introduced by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) from October.

Though the charging ports will be powered by the buses’ batteries, the LTA assured The Straits Times that this will not affect their performance.

“The addition of USB charging ports to buses will not affect the overall operations of the buses and commuters will not incur any additional cost for the use of the ports,” said a spokesman for the authority.

USB charging ports were first proposed as part of an array of additions to public buses at the LTA’s Bus Carnival in March.

Feedback sought on the features garnered 22,000 responses, with 72 per cent indicating an interest in having charging ports on buses.

LTA public transport group director Yeo Teck Guan said: “The introduction of the USB charging ports to new public buses is part of the review and upgrade in the design of public buses in Singapore.”

He added that other features in public buses in the future could include information display panels and foldable seats.


By Zhaki Abdullah, The Straits Times, 1 September 2016


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