How to Look Fresh and Fabulous in Singapore’s Weather

02 March 2016
<p>Beat the Heat!</p>

Beat the Heat!

Still trying to get used to the Singapore heat


Whether you are meeting clients and business partners or running errands for your family, here are some tips on how to survive the humid weather when you are out all day.

  • Use anti-perspirant deodorant. You do not want to impose your body odour on people you meet.
  • Carry a handheld fan. It will help you stay cool.
  • Carry a facial water spray to freshen up on the go. These sprays hydrate dry skin and help to create a naturally dewy look.
  • Hair becomes limp and greasy after many hours outdoors. Spritz a bit of dry shampoo to keep your tresses looking fresh and clean throughout the day.
  • For women, consider outfits that will keep you cool, such as a sleeveless or one-shoulder top .
  • Use a make-up primer to ensure your make-up lasts longer. If you have oily skin, doing so will make it look more matte.
  • Choose a bright-coloured lipstick to look fresh. Do not just stick to the usual red, but mix it up with bright pink, orange or plum shades.
  • Use a sponge instead of a powder puff when applying pressed powder, as this helps to prevent your make-up from looking cakey.
  • For men, look smart longer with non-iron dress shirts.


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Yip Wai Yee, The Straits Times, January 31, 2016

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