How to Help Rescue Animals in Singapore

22 September 2015
<p>What to do when you find a lost pup.</p>

What to do when you find a lost pup.

Singapore is a pet (and animal friendly) city. With lots of green space and a tropical climate perfect for some exotic animals, it is not uncommon to find animals in need of help or people in need of help in order to stay safe from these animals. But who do you call when you see a lost dog, a slinky snake or a pet being mistreated?


ACRES Wildlife Rescue

If you find a native or exotic wild animal, call ACRES. Founded by Singaporeans and with over 14 years of experience, ACRES has helped rescue thousands of animals from abuse, abandonment or simply ending up in the wrong neighbourhood. If you’re in a particularly scary situation (cobra in your garden), ACRES knowledge staff will talk you through how to stay safe until help arrives. They treat all animals humanely and always seek to promote the health and welfare of Singapore’s wild animals. Check their website for additional campaigns and volunteer opportunities.

ACRES does not handle stray cats and dogs.

Contact: 91 Jalan Lekar; Tel: 6892 9821

24 Hour Emergency Hotline: 6783 7782


Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)

If you see a sickly looking cat or dog (or other animal), call the SPCA. This well-established organization is known for its services to help injured and abused animals. The SPCA does not have hospitalisation facilities – just a basic treatment clinic (with no x-ray facilities). If you feel the animal needs these services, consider bringing the animal to the vet yourself.

Rescued animals are given a series of tests to assess their health and temperament. If they pass, they will be put up for adoption (after receiving all the proper medical treatments). If the rescued animal is wild, they are sent to the zoo or Jurong Bird Park whose facilities are well equipped to care for the animals.

SPCA has an extensive lost and found making it a great place to adopt a pet.

Contact: 31 Mount Vernon Road; Tel: 6287 5355.

24 Hour Emergency Hotline: 6287 5355 ext 9


Cat Welfare Society

While not a shelter, this well-known organization is primarily focused on sterilization of cats in order decrease the stray population. CWS refers to these cats as “community cats” because many of them have made a home in their community – without an actual dwelling. They encourage the sterilization of these cats in order to find a long term solution for the plaguing problem of too many strays and offer subsidies to help pay for the procedure.

There website also has a notice board where you can post or find a cat for adoption.

As a non-profit, volunteer based organization, CWS does not have an office.

Contact: Via email.


Action for Singapore Dogs

Action for Singapore Dogs began in 2000 as a volunteer organization aimed at improving the welfare of stray and abandoned dogs. They organize regular events to raise funds for veterinary care and to promote adoption of dogs.

Although they have an adoption and rescue centre in the Kranji area, space is limited. They can only take in so many dogs and unfortunately can’t take in every dog they hear about. The small team of volunteers do their best to respond to all calls and help find suitable care for dogs (even if that means in a foster home for a while).

Action for Singapore Dogs is a great place to adopt, find appropriate dog services (like classes and medical care) or volunteer if you are passionate about dogs.   

Contact: Via their website.


More places to adopt a pet in Singapore.

By Kathleen Siddell, September 2015


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