Great Websites for Information on the Haze, Your Health and How You Can Help

22 October 2015
<p>Deforestion destruction</p>

Deforestion destruction

Everyone is talking about the haze. Still. Here is a roundup of some websites you might find useful for the latest information on the haze.


For News Information (PSI readings, government action, current hotspots, etc.)



For Information on the Haze and Your Health:


  • Ministry of Heath: With a dedicated “Haze Microsite,” the MOH is a great site to bookmark should you have concerns about the haze and your health. Here you will learn about the Haze Subsidy scheme, using masks, and how to help keep your family safe.


For Information on How You Can Help:

  • Rainforest Action Network: This organization fights for the preservation of forests worldwide but most of their most recent actions and articles are focus on Indonesia. They offer lots of opportunities to support their efforts.


  • We Breathe What We Buy: Run by the World Wildlife Federation-Singapore, the People’s Movement to Stop Haze (PM.Haze) and The Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA), We Breathe What We Buy is focus on consumer action to fight the haze. Learn how you can be part of the solution by visit not only visiting their group site but also each individual organizations sites.


  • Greenpeace: One of the most widely known and highly regarded environmental protection organizations, Greenpeace is committed to helping stop the haze in SE Asia.  Not only can you learn how you can help, but you’ll also learn more about the gravity of this crisis.


  • Conservation International: Another well-established international organization, Conservation International has an extensive section dedicated to help save the Indonesian people and land from environmental destruction.


And check out our top apps to check haze before you go!


By Kathleen Siddell, October 2015


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