Durian Myths: “De-myth-tified”

14 July 2015
<p>Durian: a must-try for expats!</p>

Durian: a must-try for expats!

It’s durian season! For many expats this means now is the time to try this iconic Southeast Asian fruit (if you haven’t already).

With its strong smell, unique texture and unmistakable spiky exterior, the durian is not only Singapore’s national fruit but it is also known as the King of Fruits.

Aside from a mostly “love it or hate it” reputation, the durian also is reputed to be many things. The myths about this distinctly regional fruit abound!

We’ve gone digging for the truth, and here’s what we found:



By Kathleen Siddell, July 2015 / Last updated: March 28, 2018 



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