5 Time-Saving Life Hacks Everyone Living In Singapore Should Know About

01 April 2016
<p><em>Chope</em> your table!</p>

Chope your table!

Hack it!

Life is hard, don’t make it harder for yourself. Here are some life hacks you need to know to save your every precious second.

1. Make restaurant reservations beforehand

Lovingly named “Chope” (a local slang which means “to reserve”), that’s exactly what the website does.

image: Chope Singapore’s Instagram

Eating out in Singapore can be as much of a chore as it is a delight – especially with the snaking queues at every restaurant during peak dining hours. Instantly reserve tables with a simple click with Chope. They also provide restaurant overviews, menus, and reviews, so it’s much easier to pick out your next dinner spot.

You can even earn Chope dollars for every reservation you make, and exchange them for dining vouchers.

Website: http://www.chope.co/


2. Know your public transport well

Like, really well. Singapore MRT Lah is a mobile app that can direct you to the right place to board the MRT so that you’ll find yourself nearest to the escalator, lift, or stairs at whichever station you’re alighting at. Make every second count!

image: MRT Lah on App Store

Website: http://play.google.com/ (android only)


3. Watch ad-free YouTube

For situations when you’re skiving at work but still want to be as productive as possible (you’re not alone) – to skip a YouTube ad, simply change “youtube” to “youtubeskip” in the URL of any video.


4. The two-minute rule

If there’s any task you can complete within two minutes or less, do it right away! It’ll take way more time trying to remember it and doing it later on.


5. Do your grocery shopping online

Online grocery shopping is such a big thing in countries like the UK, and it only recently hit Singapore’s shores. Redmart delivers your grocery shopping right to your doorstep within your chosen two-hour time slot – that means no more tediously lugging bottles of water and diapers by the boxes back to your home.

image: RedMart’s Facebook page

Website: http://redmart.com/


By Pinky Chng, March 2016


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