3 Colours to Avoid Wearing to Chinese New Year Celebrations in Singapore

12 January 2016
<p>Don't be the clueless expat.</p>

Don't be the clueless expat.

Now that you know the colours you should wear to Chinese New Year celebrations, you’re probably wondering if there are colours you should avoid. There are.


Because this is the year of the Fire Monkey, you don’t want to wear colours of the Feng Shui element water. As water puts out fire, the 2016 monkey will not be pleased.

Do NOT wear:

  1. Blue

  2. Black

  3. White

Although white is not associated with the Water element, it is typically associated with mourning in China. So keep this in mind if you are invited to any special, celebratory event hosted by Chinese friends.

While wearing a black dress to a Chinese New Year dinner might not necessarily bring you bad luck, it will show your glaring lack of cultural awareness. Don’t be that expat. Always choose bright, cheerful colours and enjoy the fun!


By Kathleen Siddell, January 2016

Photo: 123rf.com


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