12 EASY Mosquito-Repelling Plants For Your Singapore Home To Keep It Dengue- and Zika-Free

18 September 2019

Singapore had its first case of locally transmitted Zika virus infection back on 27 August, 2016, and the number of Zika quickly climbed to 56.

Though the Zika panic has mostly died down, researchers say the virus is still on the rise around the world.

Similarly, in wet, hot Singapore – a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and, as a result, mosquito-born illness – dengue cases have seen a spike in recent years.

According to a 16 July, 2019, story in The Straits Times, “The number of dengue cases in a week has hit a 3½-year high, with 666 cases recorded last week, the National Environment Agency (NEA) said.”

More recently, on 18 September 2019, The Straits Times reported a zika cluster in Serangoon Gardens.


Instead of automatically reaching for a chemical insect repellent (which many experts do recommend, just SYK), let these low-maintenance plants help to do the job around your house.

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