8 American Fashion Labels We Wished We Had In Singapore

From Cult Gaia to Supreme and Patagonia.
04 July 2019

Raise your hand if you love online shopping as much as we do.

After all, scrolling through webpages in the comfort of our beds while dressed in pyjamas means we don’t have to spend time walking around while lugging our spoils.

However, shopping in a physical store has advantages that online shopping simply cannot provide. Take American lingerie label Victoria’s Secret for example. If you couldn’t enlist the help of a sales staff to advise you on how best to pick the most suitable bra size and fit, you’d probably be doing a lot of guesswork at home with a measuring tape while trying to figure out the sizing guide. The brand was well aware of that — which is why it opened its two-storey flagship store at Mandarin Gallery in 2016.

Besides, shopping in a store provides you with a tactile experience that you can’t get anywhere else. Sometimes, we really need to visually eyeball the piece, not to mention run our hands through it to assess the garment for quality. And of course, nothing beats trying the piece on for a proper fit as well, before you make your purchase.

In light of the American Independence Day — a.k.a the Fourth of July — and the reasons we’ve mentioned above, we’ve rounded up eight brands we really want a physical store in Singapore, stat.

By Ho Guo Xiong, July 2019

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