6 UNIQUE Stores For Preloved And Second-Hand Vintage Furniture

If you’re re-decorating your home, head to these preloved furniture hotspots to bag unique and quirky treasures that you can’t find elsewhere.
17 June 2019

The last thing you want when someone visits your home space is to point out that they have the same piece of furniture or lamp (we’re looking at you, Ikea).

Mass produced interior pieces are fab for the price and ease of purchase, but there’s nothing better than an original, timeless item that you can show off knowing it’s unique to your home. Plus, if you’re buying something second-hand, you know it comes with a backstory which adds to its overall appeal.

To vamp up your home with cool vintage and quirky second-hand items, check out the below best stores that can offer you pre-loved items still in excellent condition and at a reasonable price too.

by Nicola Watson, June 2019

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The Finder Issue 298

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