10 Small But EFFECTIVE Things You Can Do to Save Water Every Day

There are so many things you can do to save water and save on your water bills too.
15 March 2019

Your small efforts will go a long way.

World Water Day on Mar 22 is a timely reminder on how precious a natural resource fresh water is, and how we should appreciate and conserve it. But we shouldn’t remember its importance just on this one day.

According to the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources, each person in Singapore used about 143 litres of water a day in 2017. That’s a lot of water.

Sparing a thought on how much water you use every day should be made into a daily habit, and we should constantly ensure that we recycle and use less water in a bid to look after our environment.

Here are some handy tips you can implement immediately to start saving water and doing your bit for the planet.

By Nicola Watson, March 2019 / Images: Shutterstock

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