Twenty-seven years ago, two industrious expatriates found themselves on Singapore’s shores – searching for recommendations on where to live, send their kids to school, shop and more. Back then, there was no one trusted source (remember, Google and smartphones were not yet around!), so these two ladies started The Finder as a free publication. Today, it still holds the title for longest-running lifestyle content brand for expats in Singapore. 

Founded on entrepreneurship and with a goal of serving the global local community, The Finder is the perfect platform to celebrate passionate expat business owners through its annual Expatpreneur Awards. Since 2017, it has given out about 75 such awards. We have greatly benefited from the research and guidance of Dr. Yvonne McNulty (pictured in centre), who first coined the term “expat-preneur” in 2015 and serves as an Honorary Judge for these Expatpreneur eAwards 2020. 


"It's important to honour expatpreneurs in Singapore, because even amongst entrepreneurs they are unique. They're running a business as an entrepreneur in a foreign country, so they have a lot of skin in the game. They really inspire me because they take on a lot of risks."
Dr. Yvonne McNulty
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