Wines To Watch: ORGANICALLY Delicious White Wines In Singapore – By Expat Sommelier Daan Suijlen

How to spot affordable organic and biodynamic white wines that actually taste good!
14 March 2019

More and more winemakers are adopting organic or biodynamic wine-making practises.

But, what does that mean and how does it work??

Organic winemaking means that the wineries don’t use any synthetic pesticides or additives. Biodynamic wine production, however, uses organic farming and also follows a planting calendar that depends on astronomical rules. This way of wine making treats the earth as a living and receptive organism. For a wine to be labeled “biodynamic” it has to meet standards laid down by the Demeter Association.

Does it taste better? Does it not give you a headache the next day? Hard to say. Personally, I do try to drink organic wines when possible. I visited a vineyard where sheep eat all of the ill leaves off the grape vines, and other animals were used to fight against insects. I love this!

Singapore does offer a wide range of organic wines. Biodynamic wines are a bit harder to find, but you do see them more and more. Below is a selection of delicious white wines – I’ll let you decide by yourself if they actually taste better!

$30 and up: Paxton Organic Biodynamic NOW Chardonnay 2018

From: Australia
Price: $30 (available at Benchmark Wines)

NOW stands for “natural organic wine”, and this preservative-free Chardonnay is made to drink now. It’s fruit-forward with that typical diverse Chardonnay-like flavor with florals and stone fruits. It goes great with a grilled chicken salad or avocado!

$35 and up: Paxton Thomas Block Organic Chardonnay 2016

From: Australia
Price: $35 (available at Benchmark Wines)

This biodynamic Chardonnay is from the McClaren Valley, and slightly different in style from the one above. How so? It has those tropical fruits, honey and butterscotch flavours, yet is more complex and full-bodied. Pair it with slightly more pronounced dishes like fish with butter sauces.

Under $30: Paxton Organic Pinot Gris 2017

From: Australia
Price: $29 (available at Benchmark Wines)

This biodynamic Pinot Gris is the example that proves that excellent Pinot Gris can be made outside of Europe. It’s got great acidity and is well-balanced with stone fruits and citrus as well as apple and pear. This one will pair beautifully with sashimi and sushi. Oh, and did you see that price?? Worth. Every. Penny.


About Daan Suijlen

Dutch expat Daan is a passionate home chef and certified sommelier. At the age of 5, he preferred to be in the kitchen watching his grandma cook – and that passion has never left him! Having studied wine following WSET, he now loves to combine the best of both worlds: amazing food with great wines. Follow him at Instagram under @wineandcooking.

By Daan Suijlen, 14 March, 2019

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