These Baked-In-Singapore Chiffon Cakes Will Be The Cutest Thing You’ve Ever Eaten

30 January 2020

They’re too pretty to eat!

A Singaporean baking enthusiast has gained worldwide fame for her elaborate-looking chiffon confections that look like they belong more in a toy shop than in a kitchen.

Housewife Susanne Ng, 37, is behind Deco Chiffon Cakes and she has baked more than 300 chiffon cakes in a whimsical array of shapes and sizes, from animals and cartoon characters to gigantic hamburgers and castles.

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Susanne draws inspiration from the occasional dream, her family’s favourite stuffed toys and requests from friends, and documents her weekly bakes on @susanne.decochiffon.

A former biomedical researcher, Ms Ng hung up her laboratory coat years ago to become a housewife. She took up baking intrigued by chiffon cakes baked by her friends at potluck gatherings.

One month into baking chiffon cakes, she got bored of typical flavours like pandan and orange, and started experimenting with colours and sculptures crafted from chiffon sponge.  Over the years, she has let her imagination run wild by giving chiffon cakes a creative overhaul for her three young children, aged 3, 5 and 8.

“The spirit of creating new things and getting excited over new ideas definitely comes from my background in research,” she adds. “I always want to understand and control the various baking techniques.”

On whether if she plans to open a bakery, she says: “My priority now is to look after my kids, but perhaps when they are in primary school, I will have more time to fulfill my dream.”

Check out some of her bakes below!

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