Blue Wine Exists And We Think It’ll Be Your New Favourite Alcoholic Beverage

29 June 2016

Tired of red, white or rose wine?

A blue option will soon be available in Europe and the United States.


Courtesy of Spanish firm Gik, the Blue Nun – described as a “sweet and blue drink” – has an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 11.5 per cent and is made from a blend of red and white grapes procured from vineyards near Madrid, Spain.

The electric blue wine gets its distinctive hue from anthocyanin, a pigment found in grape skin, and indigo, a dye extracted from a plant.


The maker’s website also reiterates this philosophy: “Try to forget everything you know about wine. Try to unlearn the hundreds of protected wine designations of origin, the complex and demanding service standards and everything that sommelier said at a tasting course to which you were invited.”

The Telegraph reported that the wine has a sweet taste akin to a Riesling; according to Eater, suggested food pairings with the wine include sushi, nachos with guacamole, pasta carbonara and smoked salmon.

Would you try blue wine?

Place your order here.


By Lee Min Kok, The Straits Times, 22 June 2016
Additional reporting by Pinky Chng

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